The Pool

Each of our apartments have a hotel-style pool with essential features.

Firstly, the size of the primary pool is long enough for laps, in case swimming is part of your regular fitness regiment.

Our pools feature year-round temperature control - meaning they're chilled in the summer and heated in the winter.

Finally, we also ensure that all our facilities have a section that is approximately 1 meter (3 feet) deep, so that young children have a safe place to enjoy

Attractive Light Skinned Guy Swimming in Short-term Rental Pool

The Gym

We are bonafide fitness freaks!!  A well-equipped, hotel-style fitness center is a non-negotiable feature of all our properties. Our gyms feature standard cardio equipment, free weights, machines and barbells / rack.

Interested in outdoor fitness classes? Ask us about our favorite classes - many in Dubai are free or donation-based.

Attractive Female Athlete Exercising at Quintessential Quarters Gym

The Tech

In today's world, few things are more frustrating than tech that inexplicably doesn't work

High-speed Wifi, Netflix, Cable TV, HD Smart TV and Bluetooth Sound Bar are all standard features

Most importantly - it all just works : )

Happy couple enjoying technology at quintessential quarters

The Welcome Breakfast

When you arrive, you'll enjoy a simple, complimentary welcome breakfast, including fresh baked goods, fresh fruit, cereal and coffee / tea

Complimentary Breakfast including Fresh Fruit Cereal Coffee and Tea

The Kids

Few places around the world offer more for young families than Dubai

From baby cots and highchairs to strollers and baby monitors, Quintessential Quarters caters to families

Give us some context for who you're traveling with, and we'll ensure even the tiniest in your group are comfortable and happy

Young Child with Beautiful Finger Painting Showing Quintessential Quarters Focus on Children and Families

The Kitchen

Our kitchens are equipped so you have all the essentials and then some

Washer / Dryer, Dishwasher, Stove-top / Oven, Cooking Utensils, Pots / Pans are all provided

Fully-equipped Modern Quintessential Quarters Kitchen

The Linens and Toiletries

Packing a suitcase full of towels, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, etc. is annoying (and heavy)

Don't fret - when you arrive, the apartment will be stocked with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofa, clean sheets / blankets and all the towels your could need

Linens and Toiletries Complimentary at Quintessential Quarters

The Carpark

Parking has whole new meaning in a climate where 50 C (122 F) is a common occurrence

Each of our apartments have a dedicated, free, covered parking spot

High-end performance car showing covered parking at quintessential quarters

The Culture Vultures

At Quintessential Quarters, we actively seek-out and recruit culture vultures - music, art, nightlife, restaurants, photography, scuba diving, sky diving, zip-lining, day-tripping, family, etc. If we don't know the answer to your most pressing travel questions, we'll do the research -or make a few calls - to figure it out.

Bedouin Tour in the Dubai Desert provided by Quintessential Quarters